Designated a 研究 Doctoral 大学 by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, 大学’s 13 degree-granting schools and colleges serve more than 21,000 undergraduate and graduate students with more than 300 doctoral, 硕士和学士学位课程.


Student drawing a portrait with pencil on large graph paper on wall at the 艺术学院.

艺术学院 一个充满活力和多元化的学习机构是否包括 加州音乐学院, 传播与媒体学院, 艺术与设计系,和 戏剧舞蹈系. Students pursue studies in a wide array of creative fields in high-tech and professional facilities working with exceptional faculty and renowned visiting professionals 和一个rtists. 电影是否, 代理, 音乐, 安装, 3D, 和舞蹈, student and professional work can be showcased in one of the College’s professionally- equipped venues on campus, 包括 最先进的亚历山大·卡塞尔剧院 和一个 4K展示厅.


社区卫生学院 十大博彩推荐排名州立大学致力于提高身体素质, 社会, 以及情绪健康结果, 强调股权, 正义, 通过卓越的教学实现包容性, 研究, 和服务.
Our goal is to prepare future generations of professionals and 研究ers who will enhance the health and well-being of all people, 他们的环境, 以及他们的社区.


教育与参与式学习学院 at 十大博彩推荐排名州立大学 is dedicated to preparing aspiring teachers, 管理员, 辅导员, 以及其他教育专业人士的成功. Grounded in a commitment to promoting equity and embracing innovation, College has a rich history of delivering exceptional programs in the field. Our graduates are prepared to drive positive change throughout their careers, adapting to evolving educational issues and practices along the way.


Professor in Calligraphy class drawing spiral on newspaper in front of student at the 人文社会科学学院

A 人文社会科学学院 education offers over 50 majors, minors and concentrations ranging from 人类学 to 语言语音病理学. 的 faculty is comprised of experts who encourage students to think creatively, 分析信息,培养解决问题的能力. 通过学习现代社会及其影响, students develop a critical understanding of their position and responsibilities as citizens of the world.


Student wearing lab coat and safety goggles injecting liquid into small container at the 科学与数学学院

科学与数学学院, students are engaged in scientific and mathematical discovery in the classroom, in the laboratory and in the field through a variety of discovery-based courses and 研究 opportunities. Students work side-by-side with their mentors in student-faculty 研究 programs that range from studying 海洋生物学 to 应用数学与计算建模 or 可持续性科学. 我们提供负担得起的, world-class education that empowers students to be the next generation of award-winning scientists, 数学家和教育家.


Students from the 费利西亚诺商学院 analyzing stocks on double monitors.

从辅修课程 经济学 给一个单身汉 会计 - - - 费利西亚诺商学院 prepares students to excel when they enter into the professional workforce. Our 专家教师 foster an environment where rigorous academic study is combined with 顶级实习 为学生提供毕业后的竞争优势. Students emerge from our programs poised and ready to transform into the business leaders of tomorrow.

约翰J. 加州音乐学院


约翰J. 加州音乐学院 提供有才华的音乐家, 不管经济状况如何, with the invaluable opportunity to hone and develop their skills at a world-class 表演 college. 我们的激情, 专家教师 is comprised of renowned musicians and scholars who challenge and inspire students to explore their potential as a musician – while simultaneously pursuing one of the many academic degrees offered in 表演, 爵士乐, 音乐教育, 作文, or 音乐疗法.


Student from 传播与媒体学院 wear headphones and holding a video camera filming through a window.

的 传播与媒体学院 (SCM) offers a range of dynamic programs in film and television, 社会媒体和公共关系, 广告, 新闻与数字媒体, 体育交流, 传播与媒体研究, 动画和视觉效果, 以及一个致力于战略沟通的硕士学位.

SCM拥有获奖的学生项目,包括 的Montclarion 报纸, 赛事中广播鹰通信 机构, 红鹰体育网鹰+ OTT流媒体平台,以及 新闻实验室,以及 合作媒体中心, which serves the public by working to grow and strengthen local journalism. We’ve recently received national recognition from PRSSA’s Bateman Competition, 爱德华R莫罗奖, 多次获得马可尼奖提名, 和一个 College Television Award from the Academy of Television Arts & 科学.



计算机学院 offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the wide area of Computing. 在本科阶段,它提供计算机科学学位, 信息技术, 数据科学与应用数学与统计学. 在研究生阶段,它提供计算机科学学位, 信息技术, 数据科学, 网络安全, 应用数学, 和统计数据. A number of 5-year combined degrees are also offered that allow students to combine an undergraduate area of study with a graduate area of study in a different area of Computing.



对高技能护士的需求正在增长 护理学院的本科和研究生课程 已经准备好了.

获得a有两种途径 护理学学士学位 (BSN)学位:一个全面的四年,预执照 BSN 程序和 RN转BSN program for registered nurses who already hold a New Jersey license.

获得a有两种途径 护理学硕士 (MSN)学位:硕士 BSN后计划,还有 RN到MSN桥 program for registered nurses who hold a baccalaureate degree in a non-nursing discipline. Students in the MSN degree program choose to specialize in nursing education, 护理管理, 或者临床研究.



拥有超过 100个研究领域 还有7个博士项目, 研究生院 at 十大博彩推荐排名州立大学 provides qualified students from a diverse range of backgrounds with the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree in their designated area of interest. 研究生院 and its faculty are committed to providing access to programs 和服务s for qualified students from diverse backgrounds. 无论他们选择的研究领域是什么, 研究生院 will be a home base to support students on their journey from prospective applicant – all the way to graduation.



并不是每个进入大学的学生都有毕业的路线图. To guide students along the right path, 十大博彩推荐排名州立 has launched 大学学院, an innovative academic home for students where they can pursue the interests that will launch academic and career success. 创新探索节目, 指导性学术经历, 密切注意适当的课程注册, a wide range of special activities designed specifically for 大学学院 students, 和一个 welcoming community of fellow 大学学院 students will help students navigate their early years in the 大学.